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With the growth of our business, we at Beckley Kenny & Co have expanded our expertise in the area of Commercial Law.

Called upon to advise and represent small and medium sized businesses, we assist with drawing up business agreements, handling litigation, setting up and managing companies, partnerships, and LLPs in addition to handling property sales and purchases and land acquisitions. Familiar with the needs of Mearns businesses operating in a small, close-knit community, we understand the necessity for consultation with others in the area on occasion, and for business to be conducted with maximum discretion. Managing our own partnership helps us to identify with other small businesses and brings with it a depth of understanding and experience that can only help you in finding the best legal solutions for your business whatever its current need.

Commercial Leasing

Alongside our experience of leasing private property, Beckley Kenny & Co also have significant experience of leasing in the commercial field. Based in a smaller, rurally based community, we have a better understanding of the challenges of operating in those conditions. Get in touch with us for help in leasing business premises for yourself, or to lease your own premises to another business. Our knowledge and experience in the agricultural and rural market locally is particularly valuable and, as we are right here in the heart of your local community, we are able to respond quickly and sensitively should you need to act quickly and quietly.